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Februrary 16 – Mars 24. 2018.
Galerie de l’Etrave
Espace d’art contemporain
74200 Thonon-les-Bains, France


Taysir Batniji, Philippe Bazin, Jhon Coplans, Stéphane Couturier, Patrick Faigenbaum, Maria Hahnenkamp, Isabelle Grosse, Isabelle Lévénez, Myriam Mihindou, Cirenaica Moreira-Diaz, Yuki Onodera, Jean-Charles Pigeau, Arnulf Rainer, Jean-Pierre Raynaud, Klaus Rinke, Georges Rousse, Samuel Rousseau, Cécile Straumann, Ji-Yeon Sung, Patrick Tosani, Xavier Zimmermann.
Philippe Piguet, exhibition curator


ART GALLERY OF TAKASHIMAYA 110th Anniversary : Memorial Exhibition

Takashimaya 110th Anniversary Memorial Exhibition

110th Anniversary : Memorial Exhibition


March 7 – 20, 2018.
Takashimaya, Nihonbashi, Tokyo.



“Paris c’est Elles”

“Paris c’est Elles”

La Boîte 31 de Marie-Ange Guilleminot


En créant l’œuvre La Boîte, Marie-Ange Guilleminot la destinait, depuis 1997, non seulement à la diffusion des éditions et des livres d’artistes mais aussi à son inscription dans le paysage urbain parisien historique si particulier des quais de Seine… avec quatre boîtes de bouquiniste aujourd’hui situées entre l’École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts et La Monnaie de Paris, à deux pas du Pont des Arts, face à l’Institut et à la statue de Condorcet.
Reliée à un statut associatif et présidée depuis 2009 par Marie-Laure Bernadac, La Boîte 31 favorise la rencontre du livre d’artiste avec le plus grand nombre et manifeste la volonté de l’artiste d’investir l’espace public le plus commun, celui de la rue et du simple trottoir. Depuis près de 20 ans, l’ouverture des boîtes est rythmée par l’invitation d’artistes et permet au public de découvrir de manière singulière objets d’art, ouvrages inédits, rares et originaux.
Dans le cadre de “Paris c’est Elles”, accompagnée de Pauline Laudet et de Clara Chevrier, Marie-Ange Guilleminot a réalisé une sélection de livres d’artistes femmes et œuvres plastiques.

À l’occasion de la Journée internationale
des droits des femmes, l’association AWARE :
Archives of Women Artists, Research
& Exhibitions investit l’espace public
durant un long week-end avec une question
historique, culturelle et sociale : quelles
sont les oeuvres d’artistes femmes qui ont
marqué le paysage parisien et où sont-elles ?
Tous les après-midi, des étudiant·e·s
issu·e·s de l’École du Louvre proposeront
des médiations face aux oeuvres, pour une
traversée de l’histoire de la sculpture publique
à travers la géographie de la capitale.
En dialogue avec le travail de leurs ainées,
de jeunes artistes ponctueront ces parcours
de performances et installations éphémères.
Organisé en partenariat avec la mairie de Paris, l’École du Louvre et la Monnaie de Paris
Remerciements : CNAP, COARC, FMAC, musée du Louvre – sous-direction des jardins
110 boulevard Saint Germain 75006 Paris (France) — info[at]aware-art[.]org — +33 (0)1 55 26 90 29


The Object’s Portrait – JAYNE H BAUM Gallery

JHB Gallery

Yuki Onodera: The Object's Portrait

13 January – extended until March 22, 2018


Recognizing that you’re in an unstable, suspended state and looking at the world from that perspective, everything becomes visible. You’re forced to become a foreigner, who doesn’t belong to anything. You need to understand that even the earth you’re standing on is just a fiction.    
Yuki Onodera

A selection of Yuki Onodera's works from her Portrait de Fripes and Study for Image á la Sauvette series, among others, are on view at JHB Gallery. In these works, Japanese artist Onodera re-examines the relationship between the object, image and motion, often exploring themes of seriality, optical illusion and embodiment. She repeats simple gestures by playfully layering existing images and objects into new abstrac­tions.


Look Out The Window, No. 01, 2000, Gelatin silver print on fiber base paper

These homes, photographed in the streets of Tokyo, become floating illuminated formations in space. In Onodera’s Look Out The Window series, the artist re-affirms conceptions of the camera obscura, by creating a connection with the “camera” as “room.”


Look Out The Window, No. 14, 2000, Gelatin silver print on fiber base paper


Eleventh Finger No.9, 2008, Photogram, gelatin silver print on fiber base paper

Onodera obscures both the subject and the viewer’s gaze in her Eleventh Finger series. Onodera writes: “Captured in my photographs were the faces of people who I had shot without their permission. Was I supposed to hide their faces to respect their personality rights? If so, I wanted to avoid the kind of blurred out faces you often see in such photo. I wanted something that would treat them with due respect – yes, I wanted to hide them in a more elegant, refined manner. My solution was these pure white, decorated masks.”


Eleventh Finger No.4, 2006, Photogram, gelatin silver print on fiber base paper

In the Portrait de Fripes (Portrait of Second-hand Clothes) series, Onodera turns garments into objects in space. "Taking these items that Boltanski used as a symbol of a historic tragedy, Onodera displays them one at a time against the backdrop of her open window, restoring their individuality and creating a bodiless photographic portrait," wrote Tomoko Okabe, Curator, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.


Portrait de Fripes No. 01 (Portrait of Second- hand Clothes), 1994, Gelatin silver print on fiber base paper


Study for "Image à la sauvette", No.7, 2016, Acrylic paint on gelatin silver print

Being the motif, pet bottles are presented as squeezed or crushed, and though distorted in shape, the idea of them as a container still remains. The liquid bursting out from the bottle mouth is directly painted on the gelatin silver print, as an act of intervention and interaction with the image itself.


Study for "Image à la sauvette", No.8, 2016, Acrylic paint on gelatin silver print

Transvest – Iris & Noah, 2000, Gelatin silver print on fiber base paper

Onodera extracts images from magazines and newspapers and re-contextualizes them into new silhouettes. The images are reproduced from scenes including historical ruins, streetlights at night and microscopic photo-images. "Using her extremely rich and sensitive visual perception, Onodera's photography captures and magnifies objects of daily life, stripping of their intrinsic attributes, and significance, while bestowing on them a new recognition that goes beyond their own self, creating unusual and outstanding pictures," writes Xiao Xiaolan, Curator Shanghai Art Museum.


Transvest – Wat, 2009, Gelatin silver print on fiber base paper

To view Onodera's available works and for pricing information please contact the gallery at info@jhbgallery.com

For more information please contact JHB Gallery at info@jhbgallery.com.


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spiral 2017 “SHU SHU SHU SHOW”

spiral take art collection 2017 


An art fair for everyone, featuring amazing exhibits selected by creative industries experts


Yuki Onodera

Portrait of Second-hand Clothes No.3

KIDO Press


After pioneering an accessible style of art fair from 1988 to 2005, presenting unique opportunities for anyone to buy and collect art as part of their daily lives, spiral take art collection makes its long-awaited return to Tokyo for the first time in 12 years. The fair re-launches in 2017 as Shu Shu Shu Show, sharing the joy and appeal of collecting art through a sophisticated selection of galleries that offer everything from the very best contemporary art to antiques, books, crafts, and more. Whether you want to browse the exhibits or hunt for the next artwork to add to your collection, whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced connoisseur, spiral take art collection 2017 Shu Shu Shu Show has a world of wonders waiting to be discovered.


spiral take art collection 2017 “SHU SHU SHU SHOW”

Term 1: 15 December(Fri)-18 December(Mon) Term 2: 20 December(Wed)-25 December(Mon) *Closed on 19 December for a change of the exhibit. 11:00-20:00

Venue: Spiral Garden(Spiral 1F) Admission Free Organized by Wacoal Art Center Exhibition Design by Takashi + Mana Kobayashi(ima design office) Graphic Design by Mina Tabei Planned by Spiral


SHU SHU SHU SHOW Office tel03-3498-1171 takeart@spiral.co.jp


5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

By Subway In front of Exit B1 of Omotesando Station (Ginza, Hanzomon and Chiyoda Lines)

KIDO Press, Inc.

3331 Arts Chiyoda 204

Gallery hours:12:00-19:00 Closed on Mon,Tue,National Holidays

3331 Arts Chiyoda 204, 6-11-14 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0021 Japan

Tel & Fax :03-5817-8988      +(81)35817-8988 mail : printart@kidopress.com web : www.kidopress.com

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