Study for « Image à la sauvette »

2015-, acrylic paint on gelatin silver print.

Being the motif, pet bottles are presented squeezed or crushed to distorted, or sometimes being plugged in a smaller bottle, which come out likely with the matryoshka. Though distorted in shape, the nature of their being a container still remains.
It may be more appropriate to characterize this as the “photo of a work”, which just refers to the photo taken for recording an object, than to call it “a photography artistic work”. Whereas, by watching the work over and over again, the unlimited possibility in pet bottles being the motif of photography comes into vision. Only the reflective light from the glossy surface figures out the silhouette and the shape. It exactly is the tiny grains of the reflective light that have given the shape to this object, which seems endless bewildering between being existent and the contrary.
The liquid bursting out from the bottle mouth is directly painted on the gelatin silver print using pale green pigment.