La liquide et le verre

1994, sur , Série en 34 pièces, 115 x 115 cm (et 60 x 50 cm)

This is the first series Onodera created after moving to Paris in 1993. She takes close-ups of liquid spilling out of a toppled glass. The spill is captured in a state of stillness, held together by its surface tension, just before it is about to move. By enlarging the images to many times life size, she depicts an odd little microcosm existing within the realm of everyday reality. The sensitive control of light also emphasizes the nature of photography as “painting with light”. This is one of three series that were exhibited in 1995 at three separate Tokyo galleries under the comprehensive title “Down”. In Tokyo they were shown as 40 x 40 centimeter prints, but in Paris they were exhibited in their original 115 x 115 centimeter format.