Wamono Art, Hong Kong

Solo show 5/12 – 6/10, 2023

Here, No Balloon

This is the first exhibition in Hong Kong by internationally renowned Japanese artist Yuki Onodera, who has been based in Paris for just three decades. Onodera is known for singular experimental works that employ photography as their medium, but extend beyond its bounds to encompass an astonishing variety of expression that includes collages measuring several metres, and the use of drip painting techniques.
wamono art presents Onodera’s 2022 Here, No Balloon series, which takes as its theme the bronze hot-air balloon monument by Bartholdi that once stood in the Porte des Ternes in Paris, but was melted down and lost to posterity in the 1940s. Photographing the location as it is today, sans this monument, Onodera utilises new Ricoh StareReap technology to add vibrant 2.5D prints several millimetres thick to the surface of two-metre gelatin silver prints she has processed by hand, in an unusual, one-of-a-kind series that throws into relief the fusion and collision of handmade photo and digital technology. Also on display will be other new and master works offering insight into one side of this artist’s incredibly broad practice.

Here, No Balloon, Chronophotography, Portait of Second-hand Clothes

https://yukionodera.fr/en/exhibitions/wamono-art-hong-kong/trackback/ https://yukionodera.fr/en/exhibitions/wamono-art-hong-kong/