Watch Your Joints!

2004, Gelatin silver print on fiber base paper, each 77 x 108 cm, 8 works

Capturing images from television broadcasts of soccer games on a computer, and selecting single still shots, Onodera manipulates the images by erasing uniform insignia, altering the athletes’ faces, and adding or repositioning soccer balls. When stripped of the context of the soccer game, the interactions of the athletes are suddenly transformed into incomprehensible and seemingly purposeless patterns of movement. The unnatural movements that go unnoticed when we’re watching a competition, captured in this fashion, make it a humorous work. The title refers to two well-known French films, Jacques Tati’s 1936 Soigne ton gauche (Watch Your Left!) and Jean-Luc Godard’s 1987 Soigne ta droit (Protect Your Right!).