Muybridge’s Twist

2014-, charcoal, crayon, photography collage on canvas.

The title of this series refers to Eadweard Muybridge, the British 19th-century photographer who made history with his serial images that break down motion. Yuki Onodera was also inspired by Futurist paintings, which endlessly repeat the same gestures in order to embody the idea of movement. Here, Onodera brings together images of several different bodies twisted in abnormal positions—the types of poses one never sees in real life—into a single figure, as if it were choreographed. After assembling fashion photographs of models in exaggerated poses, the artist then cuts these pictures into pieces. She photographs these unstructured elements (including images of her own body in motion, which are also hidden in the final version), recomposes and re-photographs them several times again, then makes new compositions, in which several items are collaged onto canvas.