Annular Eclipse

2007, Silkscreen print, Varying sizes, approximately 240 x 152 cm (and 121 x 80 cm), 3 works

This series, Onodera’s first printed work, was premiered in the 1907 Shanghai Art Museum “Japan Caught by Camera” exhibition. It was produced in China by eight craftsmen and employs thirty-eight separate large-format silk screens. Onodera has said that her interest in prints was triggered by consideration of what might lie in the future of photographic printing, in the post gelatin silver print era. In an annular eclipse, the light of the sun seems to shine from behind the moon, making us aware of the middle ground between the visible and invisible. By using such festive elements as fireworks, neon, and confetti, the human and animal pairs in motion present a very different appearance from the still silhouettes of “Transvest”. The wildly twisted postures of the figures is also a metaphor for the relationship of human beings to their environment.